The Dictionary of Difficult Words

I like learning new words, and its even better if the word is obscure. The Dictionary of Difficult Words immediately caught my eye, and I wanted to see what additions to my vocabulary I could find. Before you get into the definitions, there is a brief overview of the book and what you’ll find, then […]

Living Lies

Living Lies is more than just gripping fiction. The story drew me in before I had finished the first chapter, and didn’t let go until I had reached the end. Though the plot reached a stopping point, I wasn’t quite ready for the story to end. The characters are well developed, and you can connect […]

A Craftsman’s Legacy

For many, it is easier to go to the store and get whatever you want. Sure, you can buy the things, but there is something special about making the same things with your hands. Being able to complete a project and know that it is something you did, even if no one else finds out […]

Mashed Myths

At some point in life, you’ll come across some reference to a Greek myth. Maybe in school, maybe in a movie, but it will be there. However, I don’t think you’ll find as funny a take on them as you do in Mashed Myths. Covering 6 popular stories from Greek mythology, the book spins them […]

Go See the Principal

Growing up, I had both good and bad experiences with teachers, principals, and other school staff. Most of the people were good, but there were always ones that were hard to get along with. As such, I developed the stereotypical jaded view of how teachers think. Go See the Principal provides a little insight into […]


I already liked Davis Bunn, so I was excited to start Outbreak. His books have been ones that I wanted to read through without stopping, and this one was no different. After the first chapter, I was intrigued. After the second chapter, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to put it down anytime soon. […]

A Week in the Life of a Slave

The book of Philemon is often used in studies on forgiveness. Not much is written for us to know the backstory. All we know is that Onesimus was absent from the house of Philemon, and Paul wrote on his behalf. One might wonder what happened to lead up to the letter. In A Week in […]

Amish Voices

Though there are Amish that live nearby, what I know of the Amish is indirect, and I don’t know how accurate or authentic it is. All it takes is one little misunderstanding, and the facts can be skewed. I wanted to read this book to see if I could learn more about the Amish and […]

The Kingdom of the Cults

Groups that claim to worship the same God as Christians have been around for a long time. Often times, they share similarities with Christianity, but they also hold to beliefs that are very different, and spiritually dangerous. In The Kingdom of the Cults, 13 cults are outlined in depth, with 4 others examined as well. […]

Praying to Change Lives

Few Christians would disagree with praying, yet it is something that many feel unqualified to do. Sometimes the results are disappointing, and prayer loses its luster. In Praying to Change Lives, Jody Brolsma shares how prayer isn’t some art that takes years of practice before you reach a level at which God will listen, but […]