After someone stalked and attacked Denilyn, it hurt her marriage, emotions, and faith. Now, she has worked through it, or thought she has. Soon, the events begin again, and she has to come to grips with something she has been trying to avoid in Ginny L. Yttrup’s Convergence. I wasn’t sure what to expect from […]

American Omens

Americans are being subtly influenced by the technology they’ve grown to trust. A band of people led by a mysterious man sets out to reveal the conspiracy of a secret group to control the American people. In American Omens, Travis Thrasher weaves a story that, while being fiction, seems like it could become reality. The […]

Layout Essentials

Slapping some words and pictures on a page and calling it done rarely works. Planning for the design helps keep the final result readable and organized. In Layout Essentials, Beth Tondreau shares 100 ways to use grids in designs. The book is full of practical tips to use to make sure people can understand what […]

Last Call America

America has come under martial law, with the government doing whatever it wants to, all in the name of supposedly doing what is best for the people. Two sisters, Rebecca and Christina, have been secretly living outside of the rules. They join a small band of people that fight to take America back in Debra […]

Typography Essentials

Oftentimes, the font is seen as just the words, and not as important as what they say or the pictures that are included. However, the proper font can convey just as much, and sometimes more, meaning than pictures. In fact, choosing the font, and its characteristics is an important part of graphic design. In Typography […]

How to Grow

For a lot of people, spiritual growth means learning more about God or trying to do better. Darryl Dash says that growth in our Christian life is more than this. He shares about putting the gospel to work in all areas of your life in How to Grow. The book gives practical tips for growing […]

Identity Designed

When it comes to graphic design, it can be easy to find one thing that works and build around that in every project. However, it’s nice to see how others take a project from start to finish and get fresh ideas. In Identity Designed, David Airey interviewed many different agencies and shares how they handled […]

Genesis of Antimony

After an emotionally and physically traumatic attack on the ship he was on, Lieutenant John Braithwaite is asked to become a field agent for British intelligence. He is sent to Zanzibar to discover the secret of a German ship that has evaded capture while attacking other ships at will. Along the way, he learns about […]

Our Daily Bread Bible Sourcebook

Having books that help you gain better understanding about the Bible is useful. Many books in the Bible include little or no information about the author and time periods. The Our Daily Bread Bible Sourcebook has collected the background information that is known about each book in one place. The Bible Sourcebook provides many different […]

The Direct Mail Revolution

I’ve seen all kinds of direct mail, but I haven’t ever put much thought into what it takes to design and distribute it. The local businesses where I live don’t use it too much, and, as a graphic designer, I’m interested in how I can add direct mail to what I offer. The Direct Mail […]