Mere Calvinism

Calvinism is heavily debated in some churches, and both sides have reasons for what they believe. I wanted to read this to try and find out what Calvinism actually is. Most people I have run into that claim to be Calvinists could not explain it other than to say that’s what they were taught. Mere […]


There are a lot of books that talk about leadership, many are written to provide steps that are “sure” to make you into a great leader. They tend to stay focused on the positive aspects. Any mentions of failures are short. In Salvaged, Roy Goble takes a different approach, he tells of successes and failures, […]

Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes, as the title says, is a collection of jokes that you might hear your dad say. Puns and word play create jokes that are bad enough that you have to laugh at them. Each joke is accompanied by illustrated dads that tell the jokes. It’s a short book, but many of the jokes […]

The Ultimate Guide for the Avid Indoorsman

There are all kinds of books that cater to people who spend time outdoors. but for those who prefer the glow of electric lights instead of the sun, books can be hard to find. Enter The Ultimate Guide for the Avid Indoorsman, which will holds tips for thriving in your comfortable home. I was very interested […]


After the Great Crash, the economy was ruined. Enclaves have formed. While local governments have remained fairly strong, the federal government has become a sham. While most people want to live in peace, the governments are causing financial burdens where they can. Now, People with special abilities have surfaced, marked as outcasts, and are being […]

The Reluctant Disciple

Ryan Kates has made a successful career of seeking out the logical and natural explanations for what people call supernatural phenomena. When things that can’t be explained away, he is going to have to reconsider his long held beliefs, and he finds himself used as The Reluctant Disciple. Jim O’Shea has done a great job […]

Made for His Pleasure

It’s easy to sink into a Christian walk that looks more like floating down a stream than having a direction and goal. We tend to gravitate towards whichever way is least difficult. Alistair Begg presents ten benchmarks that are evidence of a faith that is active and serving God in Made for His Pleasure. We […]

The Pure in Heart

Josh is the pastor of a small church, and tries to do God’s will to the best of his ability. Dave wants to get revenge on all the pastors he can because of what a few have done to him. Their paths cross in Mark Miller’s The Pure in Heart. The book is interesting, and […]

The Driver

After waking from a horrifying dream-like state, a truck driver starts to find out about several heroic acts he has done on his route. He also remembers a girl that has been killed and others that were taken against their will. Now he must decide what he is going to do about everything that has […]

Mere Hope

There is an opinion that the bad side must be true, that people always have an ulterior motive. We are suspicious of people who help others for no apparent reason. Jason G. Duesing writes that we need to refocus on hope, hope that comes from Jesus. In Mere Hope, the word mere is used in […]