The Paris Betrayal

Ben Calix experiences many problems after he is given severance. Throughout all the trouble, he maintains his loyalty and duty. He also learns that there is more at play in life than he expected. Starting with page one, the action grabs you and doesn’t let go. Each page makes you want to turn to the […]

Return of the God Hypothesis

For a long time, people have tried to fill their need for God by relying on science. It is a fairly widespread belief that science has disproven God, but there are discoveries that show this to be incorrect. Stephen C. Meyer addresses three of the major ones in Return of the God Hypothesis. Science has […]

Being a Christian Without Being an Idiot!

There are ideas in Christianity that have become “canon,” but are not really true. Some are from people being overzealous, others came from honest mistakes. Brad Stine address several of these in Being a Christian Without Being an Idiot! I’ve been a fan of Brad Stine’s comedy for a long time, so I was eager […]

Homeschool Hacks

The pandemic of 2020 caused many kids to learn at home. Even if they still went to public school, lessons were done in their houses. Though many parents had to participate in a version of homeschooling, there were a number that made the decision to jump headlong into total homeschooling. This can be a scary […]

A Hobbit Devotional

By itself, The Hobbit is a classic that both entertains and subtlety teaches lessons. Bilbo learns more than he intended to through his journey, and readers get to understand those lessons through the story. Ed Strauss has taken that a step further by connecting them to biblical truths. Using points from The Hobbit, Strauss turns […]

Faithful in Small Things

A quick look around is all it takes to see people in need. Our attention may go to the homeless in our area, or to other countries that don’t have the amenities that most people in our country do. Maybe we don’t have the capability to give money so we just feel for them. However, […]

The Secret Life of Farts

Farts tend to be either considered impolite to mention or a source of jokes. Regardless of the viewpoint, farts happen. The Secret Life of Farts is a short book that celebrates the exhaust that may not get the attention if should. Filled with colorful illustrations, the pages tell about different farts and farters in a […]

Simply HTML5

Many websites are powered by content management systems and other similar ready made setups. These are nice to get you going, but you might have a desire to change things around, or even try some coding on your own. Simply HTML5 can help you understand what goes on behind the scenes of making websites. This […]

Enjoying the Bible

I find it fairly easy to make reading the Bible something I need to check off my daily list. I don’t view it as a chore, but I don’t always looks for the full message in the passage. Enjoying the Bible is meant to move reading the Bible from just looking for knowledge to looking […]

Understanding Digital Marketing

Regardless of the size of a business, it will probably need to consider digital marketing at some point. If you are part of a small business, or especially a business of one, you probably will have to do this yourself. Understanding Digital Marketing gives you a great start in planning and executing a marketing plan. […]