Create vs Copy

We like to compare ourselves to others. We see the singers, artists, speakers, and think that we have no creativity, or not enough since we can’t match their work. But maybe we have an incomplete view of creativity. Perhaps it goes beyond art and applies to everyday life. Ken Wytsma looks at this idea in […]

How to Be a Perfect Christian

It’s important for Christians to learn and grow so that they can be more Christ-like. There are many books that explain what the Bible says about the Christian life, but there can be room for another helpful one. How to Be a Perfect Christian is not one of those. At least, not directly. Written by […]

High Treason

CIA operative Monica Alden is assigned to work with FBI agent Kord Davidson. Both prefer to work alone, but they are going to have to cooperate in order to stop the assassination of Prince Omar. With friction between the two and danger all around them, they are in for a fight in DiAnn Mills’ High […]

The Empowered

After working to defeat a demonic attack, Trevor Black is ready to get back to his new life, and to get acquainted with his daughter. When a new case with possible voodoo connections comes to his attention, Trevor finds himself caught up in more spiritual warfare. Craig Parshall continues telling about the fight in The […]

Firefly Cove

Lucius Quarterfield returns to Miramar Bay, and the love of his life, just to die in her arms. He awakens as a different man in a different time, and with a chance to make changes in who he used to be. I always enjoy reading Davis Bunn’s books, and Firefly Cove is no different. He […]

Death at Thorburn Hall

This is the first I have seen of the Drew Fathering series, but I’m glad I found out about it. Julianna Deering does a good job at writing a story that holds your attention and keeps you turning the page to find out what happens. There is a variety of story types in Death at […]


Though they have been through a lot already, Sean and Dillon are still learning about their new positions in life. After using their abilities to save a family friend, they find themselves on the wrong side of a secret group in the Human Assembly. Now, they must face another danger from people who want to […]

The Rogue

Irina Kirilenko makes a huge, and troubling, discovery of a large body in space on a trajectory that will take it dangerously close to Mars. When she goes to her superiors with this, it is squelched and she is warned to not pursue it or talk about it. Soon, she and several other people find […]

How to Think

I often find myself wondering if people do that much thinking anymore. There are times that it seems like people live by the idea of act now, and think about it later if you have time. I try to think things through, but I had someone once tell that I thought too much. Having said […]

True Identity

There are a lot of sources that teens turn to in their search for a personal identity, all the different types of media, celebrities, people around them. This can lead many teens to form a mixed up, and even flat out wrong view of who they are supposed to be. Our true identity, no matter […]