The Complete Book of Farmall Tractors

I’ve known about Farmall tractors for most of my life. My dad grew up using them, and our customers would get parts for them. Even with that, I didn’t know much about them other than some of the models, as they stopped production well before I was born. When I saw this book, I knew […]

A Barrel of Good Clean Jokes for Kids

Being able to share jokes with your kids is fun. There are many times that a joke had created a lasting memory for families. However, finding ones that are kid friendly is not always easy. Bob Phillips solves that with his latest joke book, A Barrel of Good Clean Jokes for Kids. I have read […]

The Gospels as Stories

Most of the time, we read just a passage from the gospels. This may help us digest what is said, but can lead to us missing the whole picture. We need to see them as a complete story, not bits gathered here and there. In The Gospels as Stories, Jeannine Brown shares both how to […]

Rural Church Turnaround

All across the country, you’ll find rural churches that are either stagnant or declining. Though many factors can contribute to this, it doesn’t have to be the case. There are many churches that have been able to recover and begin to thrive. Danny Davis shares the stories of a few churches that have done just […]

Hi, It’s Me

Children who get diagnosed with ADHD may not understand what that means. They don’t know why people get frustrated with their fast topic changes and fidgeting. Hi, It’s Me! I have ADHD can help explain to kids what they are experiencing. Though this is a short book, it can be a big help to kids […]

Abandoned Industrial Places

Industries spring up all over the world. While many have flourished, there have been many more than have closed for one reason or another. Closed industrial properties can sit vacant and unused for years, and this leads to opportunities for fascinating pictures. Abandoned Industrial Places documents factories and industrial complexes that have been closed and […]

The Curious History of the Riddle

I like riddles even though I am kind of lousy at solving them. Riddles invite us to start guessing no matter how hard they are, and then we are eager to try them on someone else when we get the answer. They have a long history, which this book presents. Covering riddles from ancient times […]

Myths of Social Media

It doesn’t matter where you stand on social media, it’s going to be around for a while. Both individuals and businesses use it, but there are many aspects of social media that have been misunderstood. Myths of Social Media addresses commonly held beliefs that are false, and what is actually true. Aimed at businesses, the […]

Ishmael Covenant

I like books with action and suspense, and this book has both. I just had trouble getting into it. I wasn’t able to connect with what was going on, so I felt more like a distant bystander than like I was right there as everything happened. However, I think that it is still a good […]

Silent Shadows

Pecca works with wounded vets to help them recover and deal with whatever they are struggling with. She came to Walton to protect her son from her past, and found friends there. When a new patient comes, she finds herself falling for him. However, her past is coming for her and she is facing something […]