The Common Rule

On the go. Always connected. Days full of activity. This has become the norm, but is it what we need? Is there a better way? After experiencing severe anxiety, Justin Whitmel Earley found out that there is, and he shares what he’d learned in The Common Rule. Whether we realize it or not, habits play […]

Find Your Fit Discovery Workbook

There are so many choices of careers available that it can be hard for high school students to decide what direction to go in. What goes into making that kind of decision, and what classes are going to be needed? The Find Your Fit Discovery Workbook gives students a place to start. The workbook is […]

Worship Essentials

All too often, the word worship brings to mind songs, videos, and bands, and whether you prefer one style or another. These are not what worship is about. Just focusing on the methods has created divisions instead of unity. In Worship Essentials, Mike Harland writes about what worship is, how churches have lost sight of […]

Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and The Fading Creeps

Ben wakes up and finds himself in a strange land. As he explores, he meets new people and creatures that had only existed in fairy tales. Soon, he is on an adventure in both the new world and the real world. A.J. Massey’s Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and The Fading Creeps has several good qualities that […]

Rise of the Servant Kings

With all the turmoil in the public eye of things a small percentage of men have done, being a man has turned into a bad thing. Men have been told that there is no place for masculinity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Men need to rise to the standard set for them […]

9 Common Lies Christians Believe

Throughout the history of Christianity, pleasant sounding sayings have come into common use. One the surface, they can sound harmless, even Biblical. In reality, they are lies that have misled even mature Christians. Shane Pruitt addresses a selection of these lies in 9 Common Lies Christians Believe. The lies addressed cover things in this life […]

Can We Trust the Gospels?

Discrediting the validity of the Bible would mean the the foundation of Christianity would be damaged. The Gospels are under specific attack since they speak about the life of Jesus. Can we be sure that they can be trusted and is there any other evidence that supports their trustworthiness? Peter J. Williams is sure they […]

What If It’s True?

What if it is true? People have been asking this question about the life of Jesus for centuries. Their eternal destination hangs on the answer they choose. To answer the question, you have to know the facts. Though many books have been written about Jesus, His ministry, death, and resurrection, this one approaches it in […]

Try Not to Laugh Challenge Joke Book

There are many times in life that we need to use our sense of humor and just laugh. Having a few jokes in your back pocket gives you something to help you or someone else take a laugh break. The Try Not to Laugh Challenge Joke Book has a lot of jokes meant to be […]

Scary God

Hearing people say that you need to fear God is pretty common, but there are also people that say fear has no place in following God. God can be scary, but not in the way horror movies portray fear. God is to be feared out of knowledge of what He can do, has done, and […]