The Rusted Scalpel

After being blinded by terrorists, Dr. Nicklaus Hart is trying to adjust to his new conditions. As he begins to trust God for guidance, he also experiences the miracle healing of his sight. While on a trip with his friend, he gets an opportunity to work for a pharmaceutical company, but finds out that there […]

An Unexpected Coddiwomple

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in looking through old papers that my family has kept. I’ve learned about family members that I never knew, just as Loretto M. Thompson did in An Unexpected Coddiwomple. That is one thing that interested me in this book. Through letters written by her father, Loretto was […]

Never Eat Stink Bait

There are a lot of different ways to view fishing: finding food, spending time with friends, trying to reel in the big one, and the less popular wasting time. You can learn some things if you observe what goes on, and Bryan Mellage shares some humorous observations from his life of fishing in Never Eat […]

You Can Save Your Small Business

Owning your own business is something that many people dream about, and even carry out. But it isn’t always easy, and big problems can come, especially if you don’t have a lot of business experience. In You Can Save Your Small Business, William Manchee, J.D. provides information on the biggest pitfalls a small business owner […]

Sent Rising

Dove Strong has endured a lot recently. Becoming a delegate sent to take her families vote on the Reclaim, captured and forced to endure dangerous ordeals for a TV show, and then selected to live among the unsaved to show them God’s love. Now, she struggles to find missing Christians while facing the threat of […]

The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities

Though new words get added to dictionaries frequently, there are words that have slipped out of common usage. These words are still quite applicable, and you can find times to use them. In The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities, Paul Anthony Jones brings some of these words back into the public eye. I like learning new […]

Something Needs to Change

Churches around the world talk about reaching the lost with the gospel. The problem is, talking is where it often stops. After a trek through the Himalayas, David Platt realized that Something Needs to Change. Just like thousands of other church attenders, I have heard about spreading the gospel more times than I can count. […]

Brilliant Maps For Curious Minds

There is more to knowing about countries than just locations and cities. What about export/imports, how they compare size-wise, are there McDonald’s everywhere? Most maps don’t supply this information, but you can find this information and a lot more in Brilliant Maps For Curious Minds. I like reading bits of trivia, so it didn’t take […]

Click with Your Chick

We have several chickens, so when I saw this book, I was interested in seeing what it said. My main reason for reading it was that I wanted to learn more about chicken behavior to take better care of them, being able to train them was a bonus. Up till now, all the training I […]

Deadly Intentions

Several deaths over a the course of a year, involving both unfortunate accidents and apparent natural causes, seem to be unrelated. However, Josh Solomon and Caitlyn Lindsey are thrust into a conspiracy that stretches into into the offices of people that are supposed to protect citizens. They both have to face danger as they try […]