After being wrongfully imprisoned, Danny Byrd is surprised to be suddenly up for release. If that wasn’t strange enough, he soon gets caught up in a whirlwind project to shoot a movie. Davis Bunn’s Unscripted tells how Danny gets back with old friends, finds new ones, and finds forgiveness. As with all of Davis Bunn’s […]

I’ve Never Been This Old Before

As we age, we face more difficulties. Health declines, friends and relatives move away or die, and things just don’t seem to be easy to do anymore. Those difficulties can make people think God has nothing more for them, but they still have something to offer. Stan Toler shares more about that message in I’ve […]


Chosen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the first human to travel to the Vardeshi home, Avery Alcott is elated and somewhat scared. Expecting trouble with different cultures and better learning the language turn out to be minor compared to what she has to go through in Meg Pechenick’s Ascending. Going into […]

Free to Believe

It seems like a case involving conflicting religious beliefs is in the news every week. Views on what our beliefs can allow us to do or refuse to do abound. What is the truth on all of this? In Free to Believe, Luke Goodrich outlines where the law has jurisdiction, even if it has overstepped […]

Oak Island Mystery: Solved

I had read about the Money Pit on Oak Island several years ago, but the article was only two pages and written in the 1970s. When I saw Oak Island Mystery: Solved, I wanted to see what else there was to know. This is the second edition, and includes additional information not found in the […]

Killing a Messiah

The gospels give us the events that lead up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, but there are still details that we may wonder about. What did the priests and politicians discuss among themselves when Jesus entered Jerusalem? What plans were made to make sure He did not cause trouble? Though we don’t know […]

The World’s Best Dad Jokes for Kids

It is the duty of every dad to pester his kids with so called “dad jokes.” Puns and jokes so bad that they can cause laughter and groans at the same time. The World’s Best Dad Jokes for Kids is a compilation of the cream of the crop of dad jokes. The jokes in this […]

Social Media Strategy

Regardless of your personal view of social media, businesses need to utilize this channel when reaching current and potential customers. Even though the options may change, social media are here to stay. In Social Media Strategy, Julie Atherton shares the importance of using social media and how to make plans to use social media and […]

God Gave Us the Bible

Introducing your child to the Bible is important, but not always easy. Even if you’ve grown up reading the Bible, it can be hard to share what it says with young minds. God Gave Us the Bible works to bridge that gap. Containing 45 stories from the Bible, God Gave Us the Bible is written […]

The History of the American Space Shuttle

The space shuttles no longer make trips into space, but they had a long and historic run. The History of the American Space Shuttle chronicles the beginning of the space shuttle program, as well as all the missions each model flew. The book tells about the start of the program, from conception through design and […]