Bright Dreams

Nikola Tesla’s name and accomplishments have come into the spotlight recently. Though he was a brilliant inventor, he was not always taken seriously during his life, and people didn’t know what he could do. Bright Dreams shares a short account of Tesla, from his birth through his development of AC power. The book is geared […]

What If Jesus Was Serious

The Sermon on the Mount is often read and preached from. People have gleaned direction and correction from it for years. But what if there’s more to it that what we are used to seeing? What if it isn’t some lofty ideal to reach for when we can? What if Jesus expects more out of […]

100 Bible Verses That Made America

The Bible has had a great influence on the founding of America, perhaps more so than any other book. Within its pages, both clergy and lay leaders found inspiration to move forward with the plans of founding a new nation, and building it on faith. The book shows the verses and then shares how they […]


Aside from being touched on in history classes, wars in England are not widely discussed. Many people don’t know of the conditions or reasons for the wars. In Rebellion, Philip Yorke writes a story of Francis Hacker, and his part in the English Civil Wars. The book seems authentic, and the event details are what […]

Chasing the White Lion

Following her previous mission, Talia Inger has been kept busy. After her identity is leaked by Archangel, she is rescued by Tyler and finds out that their work is going to intersect again. During this mission, she learns more about the memories that plague her, and what forgiveness, both from God and towards others, means. […]

Myths of Marketing

Marketing can hold different meanings to different people. Some people cringe when they hear it, afraid of having to navigate all the nuances of it. Others chalk marketing up to companies trying to get your money. Regardless of how you feel about it, there are many myths that people have bought into about marketing. These […]

Flipping ADHD on its Head

When I grew up, the diagnosis of ADHD wasn’t as prevalent. Over the years, I’ve seen it described as a problem, a benefit, and as an excuse to misbehave. I wanted to read this book to better understand how I could be helpful to the people I know with ADHD. After providing background information and […]

A Public Missiology

Somewhere in history, missions came to mean going to another place to share the gospel. Maybe overseas, maybe just to another part of the country, but you had to leave and go to someplace other than where you live. Gregg Okesson writes that though this type of missions is needed, it can lead to neglect […]

Collision of Lies

A seemingly chance meeting in a restaurant sets Detective Amara Alvarez on an unexpected mission for answers and justice. The deeper she goes, the more questions arise as to what is going on, and who is behind it. Collision of Lies is a gripping story that blends several elements into a great plot. The main […]

Small Groups Made Easy

If you are ever asked to lead a small group, it can seem intimidating. What is going to be expected of you? What happens if people don’t come? How do I handle questions that I can’t answer? These and other thoughts can make you doubt your ability to lead. Ryan Lokkesmoe addresses the concept of […]