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some day

Not really sure what this is going to be about other than random thoughts, some that seem painful to me any way. I have been struggling lately with the feelings of where do I fit in. I know it shouldn’t matter, but that I should fear God above all, and I am, in a sense, […]

eye on what

We often think of many ways to reinvent the wheel only to find that the original way was the best way. The same goes for our souls; the original intent to praise our God and worship Him alone is still the best intent. When we let our eyes wander to the other side of the […]

Floating Foundation

I have heard it said several times, some first hand, that the New Testament is all we need to be reading. Jesus has come, and will come again. That last sentence is true, but not the one before it. The Old Testament was important, and still is. In fact, it is quoted hundreds of times […]


Sometimes random things most often come to mind. This topic is one; a sermon on the fact of many members of the body of Christ. The head is Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. The neck is the pastor and the rest of the body is made up by many members. But here is […]

time we have

God gives us overall a very short time here on His earth , and yet we waste it away doing meaningless task that we get so focused on and loose sight of what really matters eternity. At least I have and still do struggle with this . I catch myself day dreaming what it would […]