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A Stone’s Throw

I had a meeting with someone I was planning to work with on projects. He was detained and didn’t get to the meeting on time. After we finished discussing the idea, he again apologized for being late, and I told him that I would have to be perfect in order to get upset about it. […]

And you are…?

Join me for a short experiment. Someone, person A for clarity, comes to you with a problem, they are having a disagreement with someone else, you guessed it, person B. This disagreement has caused person B to avoid A. Person A asks your advice about why B is avoiding them, and you point out their […]


Aside from reviews, I have been silent on the blog as of late. It sure isn’t from a lack of mental ramblings. I guess it can best be described as being ornery. For some reason, I tried to find excuses that I could masquerade as reasons not to write any posts. Pretty dumb on my […]

You get a gold star

I got in on the tail end of gold stars. They had quit giving them for Sunday School attendance, and I only received stickers on good work for two school years. I don’t think they were stars, either. Anyway, most people understand the concept of gold stars; you did something to the best of your […]


March 25, 2016. Nothing extraordinary about that date for most people. It is the Friday before Easter, which makes it Good Friday. But it is something extra for me, as it is my birthday. I don’t think my birthday has ever fallen on Good Friday before, but it might have. Those two things don’t draw […]


If you are not familiar with the term used in the title, it is a buffet where you can find all kinds of different food. In case, it would be food for thought. I am just going to write about random topics and may switch back and forth. If someone were to ask you, “Do […]

Use Full

For most people, use and utilize are interchangeable. I’ll use either one if the situation can handle it, and I feel like it. However, for the sake of splitting hairs, and to make a point, I am going to say that they are not exact synonyms in this post. Use is common, and we use […]

Checking In

Been kind of quiet here, hasn’t it? Rest assured, I’m still here. The reviews will begin again soon. Christmas and New Years slow down delivery times, and can keep me from putting a lot of time into reading. I’ve also been busy with some projects and things I said I would do. THB will be […]


If I’m like you, we both had all kinds of awesome plans for our lives when we were young. Finding a spouse, raking in the dough, maybe being a superhero. We just knew that there were great things in store for us. What about now? I read a quote that sums up how we can […]

Time of Judgment

My brother and I have an ongoing talk of taxing terms that are misused or overused. We’d like to charge people a nominal fee for saying these terms. Not to get rich or force people to pay us, but to get them to either stop using the terms, or use them correctly. Epic is one […]